Choosing Wine on a First Date

First dates are nerve wrecking enough without having to fret about what wine to opt to impress your new friend!

Among the excellent features of wine on a date is that one bottle is a defined amount, normally about 5 glasses. If shared similarly it is unlikely that you will fall off your chair drunk after half a bottle of wine!

However, there are some other social sins that can be stumbled upon whilst choosing wine on a date.

Let’s Begin

You need to decide whether you desire white, red, pink or shimmering wine. This is perhaps the most essential choice. As a general rule, red wine is more of an obtained taste and it can be more difficult to choose a good red. When you do not know your companion’s tastes it may be wise to steer clear of the red wine area.

Champagne can make you appear a little pompous or if you go for a more affordable version, a tightwad; so this is advisably avoided. If you are not sure whether your companion likes wine at all, pink wine is often a safe choice as it does not have the sharpness that individuals frequently do not like in wines.

How Much to Spend?

Remember more cash does not definitively indicate more quality. If you are very new to wine, opt for a house white. A house white is unlikely to be unusual or incredibly creative, but is generally completely drinkable. For this reason it is a safe, middle of the road choice.

If you want to impress, search for something aside from your home white. Avoid extremes until you know your date a little better, so do not opt for bone dry whites. Instead, go with a fruity dry wine that appeals to those who like both dry and medium whites.

Whilst neutral wines may appear like a bit of a cop-out, remember that you simply want a drinkable wine that does not upset.

Why not provide your companion a choice of glasses as an aperitif while you have a beer or spirit if you are truly not sure exactly what to choose. This way you can evaluate your buddy’s taste. Even if they choose a spirit, you can still get a measure of whether they prefer dry or sweet wines.

Naturally, you might constantly give your date the option.